Wounded Warriors Family Support

Veteran Welding Training Program

Veteran Welding Training Program

Military Information


We require your DD214 to process your application. PDF or DOC formats.

Purple Heart, DOD, or VA disability breakdown.

If you have any issues attaching your documentation please contact us for assistance. You may also fax these documents to 402-916-4399

Application will not be processed without above documents.

By submitting this form, I authorize Wounded Warriors Family Support to review the attached documents that do contain information protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) for the use of this application and associated services. I agree that I am legally allowed to disclose the documents provided. I understand and agree that Wounded Warriors Family Support is not legally obligated to fulfill my request(s). I also agree that this release will apply to any and all future requests for support from Wounded Warriors Family Support, verbal or otherwise.

We do require you to submit your DD214 & Purple Heart, DOD, or VA Disability Breakdown.  These documents may be uploaded at the bottom of this form or faxed to 402-916-4399

For more information about the program, 
call Martin Duarte at 760-405-7777
E-mail:  martin.duarte@wwfs.org